The best of CrossFit, yoga and high-intensity interval training in one blistering workout! Do you have what it takes?

If CrossFit and Yoga had a baby, this would be it.

We’ve taken the best moves from two awesome workouts – CrossFit and vinyasa yoga – and combined them to create a full-body workout that shapes you without breaking you.

Every class leverages the CrossFit philosophy of constantly varied movements performed at high intensity. What sets us apart is that we’ve left out the Olympic lifting and instead merged the functional movements with yoga and intense stretching. The result is a high-energy workout that creates lean, toned muscle and the perfect body you’ve always wanted.

A great workout starts with great trainers.

Our team comes from all fields of training, with experience in yoga, CrossFit, functional fitness and HIIT. Every trainer passes a rigorous month-long induction in the ClubRX way before we turn them loose to sculpt your body. We let every trainer infuse the class with their unique personality and experience, making every class a fresh opportunity to push you to another level.

Caryn Covelli
Caryn CovelliChief Fitness Officer
Caryn traveled the world learning the secrets of vinyasa yoga before creating the inspired workout at ClubRX. She looks sweet, but she’ll kick your ass.
Blake Glassman
Blake GlassmanCrossFit Guru
Blake grew up with CrossFit, literally. He’s forgotten more about CrossFit than you’ll ever know, and if you follow along he’ll transform you into a chiseled, toned beast.
Victoria Patterson
Victoria PattersonCrossFit
Vicky’s CrossFit skills are matched only by her yoga moves. There’s nothing this girl can’t do, and nowhere she’s afraid to go. Her classes move fast, so get ready.
Younes Sayyah
Younes SayyahThe Rock
Younes is 2 parts power-lifter, 3 parts CrossFit, and all business. You better bring your A-game to this class.
April Flowers
April FlowersResident Yogi
April is a quirky soul who looks at life a little differently than most. She’ll mix up your workout in ways you never thought possible, leaving you hurting (in a good way).
Nick Glushien
Nick GlushienThe Drill Sargeant
Nick’s trained athletes from Boston to San Diego and everywhere in between. Don’t worry if he picks on your form – he’s a stickler for detail. You’ll leave every class with a new appreciation for human physiology and function.

What do I need to know to begin?

You just need to bring the right mindset and plenty of willpower. We take care of the rest.

We won’t lie. The type of transformation that we promise does not come easy. We’re going to work you hard and expect you to keep up. But the payoff is worth it.

Our workout leverages the most effective techniques from CrossFit, yoga, and high-intensity interval training. If you have already participated in bootcamps, CrossFit or yoga you will likely recognize many of our moves. If these are new to you, don’t worry. Our trainers will work with you to get you up to speed fast.


Do I have to be fit already to join ClubRX?

Not at all. We work with people of all fitness levels. All you need is the will to work hard and the determination to see transformative results. See our section on Zero to Fit for more.


Ready to begin?

Contact us to set up your first appointment. We’ll make you feel right at home.