If CrossFit and Yoga had a baby, this would be it.

We’ve taken the best moves from two awesome workouts – CrossFit and vinyasa yoga – and combined them to create a full-body workout that shapes you without breaking you.

Every class leverages the CrossFit philosophy of constantly varied movements performed at high intensity. What sets us apart is that we’ve left out the Olympic lifting and instead merged the functional movements with yoga and intense stretching. The result is a high-energy workout that creates lean, toned muscle and the perfect body you’ve always wanted.

CrossFit Asana is our lovechild. Now it can be yours too.

We’re Caryn and Vicky, two intense fitness lovers who came together around the idea of merging our two favorite workouts, CrossFit and yoga.

Caryn spent years studying yoga on four continents, finally landing in San Diego where she taught yoga classes on the beach and functional fitness classes at a local studio. Vicky has been teaching fitness since she was knee-high to a grasshopper, and spent her time in San Diego balancing two different roles teaching yoga classes at one studio and CrossFit at another. That was until she met Caryn and a new idea was born.

Together we saw the potential of taking the same intensity and functional movements from CrossFit and blending in the power, flexibility and balance of yoga. We swapped out the Olympic lifting to make room for the yoga, so you get lean toned muscle without bulking up. We then worked in our favorite high-energy music and the result is ClubRX.

If you’ve tried CrossFit you know it can be a bit rough around the edges. We’ll give you the same great workout – after all, we are a CrossFit at heart – but without the rough parts. You’ve got to experience it once and you’ll be hooked the same as we are.

Come join us for a workout. We’ll change your life, we promise.

Vicky and Caryn
Vicky and Caryn

What do I need to know to begin?

You just need to bring the right mindset and plenty of willpower. We take care of the rest.

We won’t lie. The type of transformation that we promise does not come easy. We’re going to work you hard and expect you to keep up. But the payoff is worth it.

Our workout leverages the most effective techniques from CrossFit, yoga, and high-intensity interval training. If you have already participated in bootcamps, CrossFit or yoga you will likely recognize many of our moves. If these are new to you, don’t worry. Our trainers will work with you to get you up to speed fast.

Do I have to be fit already to join CrossFit Asana?

Not at all. We work with people of all fitness levels. All you need is the will to work hard and the determination to see transformative results. Check out our personal training packages to learn more.

Ready to begin?

Contact us to set up your first appointment. We’ll make you feel right at home.