CrossFit Asana is the perfect blend of CrossFit & Yoga.  You’ll utilize functional movement to build strength and stability, within and intense and fun-filled class setting.  As your body strengthens it should also lengthen, so we combine our CrossFit with yoga keep you at your best!  This is an All Levels class designed to guide you on own personal fitness journey.

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced athlete, our unique style of high intensity training will inspire you and energize you as it reshapes your body. You’ll have so much fun in, you’ll forget you’re even working out!


Ashtanga is a traditional practice of yoga synchronizing the breath and body through a set sequence of postures.  (Although we take a slightly non-traditional approach 🙂  Utilizing a foundation of postures, Ashtanga allows the practitioner to learn a level and version of the practice that works best for them.  This practice produces tapas, discipline & internal heat, thus purifying and detoxifying the body, while cultivating strength and a calm mind.  In this Intro class, we will vary weekly between 1/2 Primary & 1/2 Secondary Series of postures.  Please note that “Intro” does not mean easy.  This is an intense practice that can be approached from any level with many modifications.  A steady practice of yoga will do WONDERS for your CrossFit strength and mobility. Plus, you’ll find muscles you didn’t even know you had and achieve things you never thought you could.


A free flowing approach to yoga where students will focus on breath and body while continuously transitioning through a variety of yoga poses.  Classes will focus on varying themes and offer strength, flexibility, concentration and balance.  This class will often teach active release techniques for tight muscles by utilizing a unique combination of self-massage, bodyweight exercises and deep stretching.