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Why Choose ClubRX

Push yourself hard & have fun!
Burn up to 800 calories in one hour
Get dramatic results in your 50s, 60s, and 70s
Lose belly fat and build lean muscle
Trainer-led classes shape you, not break you
Classes change daily so you’re never bored

Here’s what other members are saying

*“There’s enough weight training to shape my arms and tone muscle, but plenty of cardio to help me stay trim. The hardest part is keeping up!“
Janet C.
*"I feel as if I’ve evolved from 68 to 50 years old. I’m 45 pounds lighter and have reduced my waist size from 40 to 34 with eating habits that are satisfying and an exercise regimen that is demanding but fun. There’s nothing else like it!”
Paul F.
Get great results at ClubRX in San Diego
*"I’ve taught fitness for my whole career. Now that I’m retired I drive from Ramona to Sorrento Valley to work out at ClubRX. Say no more."
Steve T (Tuck).
*“My husband is into CrossFit and I was afraid I might get hurt with it. At ClubRX I get the same high-energy workout and I know I won’t get injured. I’m in classes with people my age who are pushing hard and now I can keep up with my husband!”