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amazing results at ClubRX in San Diego, CA
*"As a former special operator with the Navy, I know fitness. These workouts feel just like military training, but designed for my body 30 years later. "
Robin B.
ClubRX | Del Mar Gym - member testimonial
*"My golf game has benefited from the core work and my drives are longer off the tee. I participate in Triathlon events and have found the core work, balance, and flexibility routines at ClubRX have had a very positive effect on my performance."
Kim M.
ClubRX, San Diego member who loves the workouts!
*"I love the cross-training workouts, and the nutrition system makes eating healthy easy. Two years later I’m still going to every workout!"
Joe S.
*“There’s enough weight training to shape my arms and tone muscle, but plenty of cardio to help me stay trim. The hardest part is keeping up!“
Janet C.
Happy couple working out together at ClubRX Fitness in San Diego
*"We couldn’t find a bootcamp that pushed us hard without making us do crazy things that risk injuries. ClubRX lets us work out hard, together, and we’re stronger for it. "
Rita + Ed.
Family members at ClubRX in San Diego
*"I knew I had to change my diet and exercise, yet I didn’t know where to start. With ClubRX my blood sugars dropped back to the normal range in just weeks and I started losing weight immediately. The best part is that I’m loving every workout!"
Chaim & Family.
*“I was bored with my workouts and I couldn’t seem to shake my weight or my blood pressure medications. Now I love going to the gym and in only a few months I dropped 25 lbs and got off my medications.”
Bob M.
*“I love working out with people my own age who keep me pushing hard for results. There’s nothing like this anywhere!”
*"I feel as if I’ve evolved from 68 to 50 years old. I’m 45 pounds lighter and have reduced my waist size from 40 to 34 with eating habits that are satisfying and an exercise regimen that is demanding but fun. There’s nothing else like it!”
Paul F.
*“I love the group fitness and the high energy workouts. Finally a place where I get results and don’t have to worry about getting injured! I dropped 30 pounds and all my medications!”
Cy T.
*"I love the way I look and feel, plus I the variety of classes and not knowing what the workout’s going to be until I get to the gym makes it fun and spicey! I’ve improved my balance, flexibility, mood, energy, and strength!"
Debbie (Rill).
Happy ClubRX member, San Diego
*“Push hard and get results fast. What more could you want? Just expect to be sore the next day.”
Paritosh K. (PK).
*"What I lacked for many years and am now getting at ClubRX is the stretching and the balance work, which is as important as maintaining muscle mass and cardio endurance as we age. At the high intensity I get as much benefit as a longer less intense workout."
*“Push hard and get results fast. What more could you want? Just expect to be sore the next day.”
Paul G.
*“I’ve never enjoyed exercise, but I don’t like getting older either. With the ClubRX workouts I finally look forward to working out and I’m losing weight and feeling younger and fitter.”
*“After I hit 50 the same old workouts stopped working for me. In 6 months I lost 70 lbs, got a new girlfriend, and feel fit enough to start surfing again just like I used to. All thanks to ClubRX!”
Ken C.
*“I could never find a fitness class that pushed me hard with people my own age. With the help of my trainers and my new friends at ClubRX, I’ve lost over 50 lbs and counting!”
Kayne and famil at ClubRX Gym in San Diego, CA
*"We knew that we were too energetic for Silver Sneakers yet we didn’t feel safe with any bootcamp workouts. ClubRX pushes us just hard enough to get great results without getting us injured. We love it!"
Kayne & family.
*“I can’t stand working out with a bunch of kids half my age. Here I push hard and see what I’m made of with people my own age.”
Dr. Jay.
*“I am in the best physical condition I’ve been in since my 20’s! ClubRX has given me better balance, more flexibility and strength, and increased endurance. My energy is better, my sleep is better, and I’m less prone to injury. Overall, I just feel great!
Bruce R.
ClubRX member working out on the rings
*"My husband and I joined together. I just love the workouts and my husband has lost weight and moves better than ever now!"
Barbara T.
Get great results at ClubRX in San Diego
*"I’ve taught fitness for my whole career. Now that I’m retired I drive from Ramona to Sorrento Valley to work out at ClubRX. Say no more."
Steve T (Tuck).
happy ClubRX member, San Diego
*"I’ve always wanted to try CrossFit but it's just too intense for me. I love the energy at ClubRX and that I can work out without worrying about getting injured!"
Barbara M.
ClubRX Fitness in San Diego | another member with great results
*"With ClubRX I am on the incredibly rewarding road to radically improving my quality of life. The results speak for themselves - only eight months into the program and my average blood sugar is down to 117 and my blood pressure is now way into the normal range."
Steve G.
*“My husband is into CrossFit and I was afraid I might get hurt with it. At ClubRX I get the same high-energy workout and I know I won’t get injured. I’m in classes with people my age who are pushing hard and now I can keep up with my husband!”
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