ClubRX is a San Diego gym that grew organically, acquiring a group of like-minded people including: a fearless leader, fabulous instructors, creative visionaries and many entrepreneurial spirits happy to do whatever it takes to make things happen. Our community is welcoming and encouraging, giving you a sense of team sport camaraderie. We believe that fitness can be fun and motivating, not intimidating or forced.

ClubRX is far removed from the world of other big box gyms, where you get lost in the crowd, staring at equipment that you don’t know even know what to do with. Our San Diego gym is charming and welcoming with a friendly team that’s ready to motivate and inspire you. Our extensive class structure encourages you to form new, amazing relationships with like-minded individuals. Our goal is to help you throw away the thought of lonely, unguided workouts and to give you a forum to express your inner fitness fanatic.

Most importantly, we believe that everyone can experience the fun and amazing benefits of cross-training, especially 50+ athletes. Why not grab a free week pass and try it for yourself?


How our San Diego gym was born

Dr. David Clayton is the founder of ClubRX and has been a huge fan of CrossFit for years. He love the fun workouts, the way he was able to make new friends, and the amazing improvements he saw in his strength and overall fitness. It only took him one week back in 2010 to quit his big-box gym membership. He’s never looked back.

After a few years of enjoying his CrossFit workouts, Dave began to notice that the Olympic lifting and gymnastic moves that were a little bit more than he was able to do. And the older he got the more worried he became about the possibility of getting injured, and not being able to exercise at all.

But he didn’t want to miss out on the fun he was having with high intensity workouts.

So he decided to hit the books and started to engineer a workout that retained all of the benefits of CrossFit yet was customized to his needs and other professionals like him. One that provided:

  • Safety
  • Constantly varied workouts
  • Trainers that pushed you just enough
  • All the payoff without the risk
  • Individualized attention in a class setting
  • Trainers who knew how to effectively and safely work with people of all ages and all levels of fitness ability
  • A setting where all people, even beginners, feel comfortable to ocme as they are, where we take care of the rest

We’re happy to say, three years later, a new type of San Diego gym was born. One that……

The resulting workout is true to the CrossFit method of constantly-varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a competitive environment.

Our workouts look and feel like CrossFit, and will leave you whipped to your last breath like no other workout.

And best of all, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe. Our San Diego gym trainers are hand-picked by Dr. David Clayton himself and rigorously trained in how to push you just beyond your current level, but not so far that you don’t hurt yourself.

What makes our San Diego gym different?

We’ve modified our cross-training to make sure it conditions your joints differently. Everything we do is about injury prevention. From the warm up and cool down yoga and pilates movements, to our uniquely cushioned floor, to our gear.

Where traditional CrossFit leverages movements from olympic weight lifting and gymnastics, two disciplines best performed by younger athletes, we’ve integrated movements from yoga and pilates. We take a longer warmup, making sure that your joints and muscles are properly conditioned before hitting the highest levels of intensity. We integrate important movements to improve balance and core strength in addition to cardio and strength training. The result is a high intensity workout that will push you to your limits yet is safe enough for any fitness level.

We think ClubRX is something you’ll love to experience. But don’t take our word for it! Come in and ask one of our members what they think. Or check out some of our videos. See you soon!

San Diego Health Club Location

ClubRX is located in San Diego and serves La Jolla, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Sorrento Valley, and Carmel Valley.