Our fitness programs are designed to work together to boost your metabolism, melt away fat and get you visibly toned and stronger than you ever thought possible.


Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced athlete, our unique style of high intensity training will inspire you and energize you as it reshapes your body. You’ll have so much fun in our group classes, you’ll forget you’re even working out! Our safe, effective classes change every day so you’re never bored and our friendly trainers are here to help you advance to your next level, safely and at your own pace. You get maximum calorie burn in less than an hour plus yoga and deep stretching poses that lengthen your muscles, strengthen your joints, and reduce your risk of getting hurt.


3 months of high intensity interval training plus nutritional guidance designed to turn your health right around, spike your metabolism and burn more fat than you ever thought possible. It includes 90 days of the RX Fitness program that includes our high intensity training plus our signature RX5 Nutrition program.


Dr. David Clayton’s ancestral diet contains completely new research that turns Paleo into a powerful prescription for optimizing health. Exclusively at ClubRX, Dr. Clayton took his research and ancestral diet and turned it into a complete nutrition system, including weekly meal delivery, recipes, log books and tools to track your progress.