Ever since I hit my late 30s, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of health mastery. By this I mean applying the science of human physiology to achieving optimal physical, metabolic and mental performance.

Why my late 30s? In my 20s, staying fit was easy. All I had to do was eat better and exercise more to maintain my weight and look and feel good. Pretty much anything worked – low carb, low fat, Atkins, Mediterranean, you name it.

But staying fit got harder in my late 30s. All of a sudden it was hard to maintain my goal weight. The same workouts didn’t give me the same great results. I was actually working out harder and getting weaker compared to my youth. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were going up also.

That was when I decided that age and genetics were not going to determine my future, and I certainly wasn’t going to start taking a bunch of medications as I got older.

Like any other closed system, the human body responds to the inputs it is given. I researched the inputs necessary to hit my goals for fitness, body fat, stamina, and even blood pressure and cholesterol. I found the clinical trials and research that proved how to change these outputs by making simple changes to my diet, exercise and supplements. In essence, I hacked my body to generate the results I wanted.

Health mastery is a simple concept

Now, over five years since I started my personal journey of health mastery, I’ve been able to master pretty much every output the human body is capable of. I’ve mastered weight loss, blood sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol. I’ve mastered triathlon times and Spartan races. I’ve even helped someone master heart failure, returning their heart to 100% from less than 20% functioning.

The simplicity of health mastery is that once you understand the inputs they are relatively easy to control. Want to shave some time off your next race? No problem. Want to be quicker on your feet during tennis or improve your golf swing? Easy enough. Even if you want to lower your blood sugars, that’s an easy fix. Any human output or goal can be mastered.

What I can do now, and what many of my fellow ClubRX members can do, is pretty astonishing to most people. If my blood pressure goes up, I don’t take medication. I just change the inputs and it comes right back down. Cholesterol out of whack? No problem, I can change that naturally in just weeks. Having control over your body is a powerful ability that everyone can and should master.

Health mastery starts with a solid foundation in fitness and nutrition, and that’s why I started ClubRX. The club offers the most effective cross-training workout ever designed for people of any age. It’s backed up by a diet that emphasizes the foods that have the greatest impact on your most important biometrics, and supplements that aren’t hype, but real science.

I welcome anyone to come to ClubRX to learn how to master your own body, achieving greater performance every year. Some call it longevity, or just plain old being healthy. I call it mastering your health. Everything I do – my fitness club, my nutrition system, and my blog – is centered around translating the best research on fitness and nutrition to help you unlock your true potential and performance. Your success is my joy and my reward.

– Dr. Dave Clayton