CrossFit Meets Yoga

Creating a Uniquely Inspired Workout

Crossfit Asana | ClubRX Modern Fitness Studio
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Push yourself to your limits…

At CrossFit Asana, we don’t pull any punches. You’re going to get pushed hard, and you’re going to feel it the next day. If you don’t like sore muscles, and you don’t like getting soaked in your own sweat, this probably isn’t for you. You’ll earn your results every day.
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…while building core strength, flexibility and balance.

We've combined the best of CrossFit and vinyasa yoga to create a workout that sculpts and tones your entire body without risky moves that increase your risk of injury. It's a workout you can do every day - if you've got the stamina for it.


It’s not just a workout, it’s a whole-body experience.


Kick up your energy with top music and top trainers from across the yoga, CrossFit and functional fitness communities.

Every 50-minute workout offers a different spin on fitness that keeps your muscles working and your heart pumping harder every minute. Fitness never felt so good.


What you put into your body determines what you get out of your workout.

That’s why we’ve sourced the best, all-natural foods from around the county, including grab and go Paleo meals, locally-sourced protein bars, and even a rotating Kombucha tap and cold-brew coffee.

You’ll find everything you need to restore balance to your body and nurture your soul.


At CrossFit Asana we know that a warrior in the gym deserves to be pampered. That’s why we take pride in our clean facilities, and offer plenty of amenities including towel service, beautiful locker rooms and showers, shampoos and conditioners, hair dryers and more.

You’ll be spoiled here, but we know you deserve it.

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